SMART Playground - KOMPAN Project

award winning Playground concept based on H.C. Andersens fairytales.

Putting all my skills to use to create a new physical play product, successfully global launch along with five apps on both Apples App Store and Google Play. To encourage a connection between the adult and the child, we used smartphones as a tool for accessing a digital package of fairytales for them to share.

Through extensive testing, I found that the greatest experience came when interacting with characters from the fairytales in a digital layer of enchanted cities and hidden treasures for children to explore.


LEDON Castle

Lighting up the path to play

Dynamic (non digital) playground, that changes during the day: The windows in the LEDON Castle roof make the light shine into the play tower. The windows cast hopscotch squares on the floor, and they move about as the sun travels across the sky, creating play experience and stimulate the creative mind of the children



Because children are the experts when it comes to play

I Love to work with Children, as they provide insight that enable designers to create a better framework for children’s cognitive development and learning when designing for play. I believe that children are the true experts in the field of play and that adults can lear alot by exploreing the world of play thru the eye of a child


PLAY Projects

Showcase portfolio


experts on play

Other Project

worth mentioning

Children, Music and Creativity

Practical project in 5th grade, using computer games as musical traning. Project is published as a conference paper presented at Danish Research Centre on Education and Advanced Media Materials

KonteXt 0/

Produced sound and speak for Alinea as part of their educational games “KonteXt 0” at

Hør her (Hear This)

Learning application for children with Cochlear implants, that allowes then to learn 'unfarmiliar sound' in a safe setting